Sunday, February 07, 2016

Shop Local - Royal Beef

Once in awhile I would shop at Royal Beef for Steak, chicken or pea meal bacon.  They consistently have marbled light rye.  On Weekends, they have cannoli.  Friendly staff.

100 Faces in 100 Days

Some drawings with Fabre-Castell Shades of Grey Paint Brush pen. #100facesin100days #

Saturday, February 06, 2016

FMS Photo a Day | February

#1| Drink. Hong Kong Lemonade

2| So Colourful. #fmsphotoaday

4| Texture.  #fmsphotoaday

5| Coffee.  Next best thing to having coffee in Paris.  Missing Paris! #fmsphotoaday

6| Just Now....admiring my blooming orchids.  Four of six orchid plants are blooming.  I think I finally got the hang of taking care of them.  I managed to kill a few before.�� #fmsphotoaday

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Yanagi Sushi

I guess it's been awhile since we've gone to Signature Kitchen on Danforth.   We decided to order-in last Friday and found out that Signature Kitchen was no longer operating.  In it's place, new owner and menu is Yanagi Sushi. 1524 Danforth Avenue.  I ordered the usual Sashimi Dinner.  The take out looked really appealing, tastes good, but I think it's a little pricier, just looking at the take out menu.   For sure it's pricier than Casa Sushi around Danforth and Carlaw.

However, there's a lot of selection and interesting menu items, so I'll definitely give it a chance plus  it's a walking distance to our place.

Monday, January 18, 2016

FMS Photo a Day January 18 | White

18| White.   Paw prints in snow of My cat and his friend - orange cat milling around the back. #fmsphotoday

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Minding Ones Business

went grocery shopping this morning just before Aidan's hockey.  I was getting my cart and next to me was a lady with two beautiful, healthy  looking toddlers on hand, also getting a cart.  Out of the blue, this older lady came up to her and said , kids should be wearing hats in the cold weather like this.   Adding insult to injury,  she solicited my opinion. Don't you think that if you have kids they should be wearing a hat.  It took me by surprise and responded- it's her daughters and they look fine and walked away.    What I really wanted to say is mind your own business.

Afterwards, I did approach the lady with the kids and asked her if she was okay because it's clear that she was upset.  I just told her that she shouldn't get upset over someone who clearly should have minded her business.  

What irked me about this is that the busybody
- didn't see the care it took her to get her kids out the car, as she happened to be parked next to me and witnessed her gentle nature
- didn't see that this lady was stunned and almost in tears when I approached her afterwards.
- didn't see that she had one of those covers you put on the cart to protect her kids from germs.

For whatever reason she had for not putting a hat on her kids, it's really her prerogative.  And we shouldn't really judge.  You don't know what is going on in their lives.

Simply  Mind your Own Business.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Shop Local - Pulp and Paperie

I admit I'm guilty of buying online or big stores (ie. Indigo; Winners; Homesense) for gift items.  But I love this local store "Pulp and Paperie" at 1042 Coxwell Avenue.  It's one of my fave place to shop and window shop for gift items.  Its run by two lovely ladies and friendly as can be.  You can catch what's in the shop on Facebook and a website opening soon -

I also snagged a Moleskin agenda for myself.  

Monday, January 04, 2016

Sunday, January 03, 2016

FMS Photo A Day January | 3. Water

3 | Water.  The National September 11 Memorial - North Pool at NYC. #fmsphotoaday.

Facts about the Names on the Memorial Pool
As a whole the names on the North Pool are arranged in a way that reflects the lives of the individuals they represent: their relationships with other victims, the companies they worked for, and where they were on 9/11.  The names are not in alphabetical order.  The Levels of the arrangement on the North  Pool are marked out by raised letter headings on the Memorial. World Trade Center (North Pool);Flight 11; February 26, 1993.  
Within those groupings are affiliations that correspond to companies or, for example, the passengers on a particular flight.
Every name can be located by the panel on which it is inscribed. A panel address is comprised of the letter N or S (N for north pool, S for south pool) followed by a number 1 through 76. 
Every name inscribed can be located by the panel where the name is inscribed with N or S for north or south pool, respectively and panel number. Each pool has 76 panels and each panel is 10 feet in length.  On average, there are between 20 and 22 names on a panel.  On both pools, panel 1 appears in the northwest corner and the numbers continue counterclockwise through 76