Monday, December 26, 2005

Santa Baby

On Christmas day, the day was spent on going to church, opening gifts, taking photos and calling family. It was a relaxing day, just the way I like it.

Aidan got an Exersaucer for Christmas from Santa and loving it. Lots of new toys to discover on this Exersaucer and he was all smiles. Wallace disappeared in the bedroom assembling the Exersaucer and had a h*** of a time assembling it. He also received a lot of toys and clothings from friends and families. He will be a very well dressed baby for 2006. Thanks to everyone for their gifts.

While I was in church today, there was a little girl sitting behind me with her parents. Her word of the day is "stupid, stupid, stupid". His poor dad was trying to convince her not to say those words because it's a bad word and all she wants to know is Whhhhhy? Something for Wallace and I to look forward to. I better start practising not to say those bad words.....I knew I should have listened to my Dad! Posted by Picasa

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Carmi said...

He is the cutest baby...I could just squish those cheeks!!!