Friday, January 27, 2006

Aidan's Friends

Aidan had friends over today from Mom's Post-Natal group. Of course, he was asleep when the guests arrived (have to teach him some etiquette for next time) and made his grand entrance about an hour after. Our mom's group meet every other week for a couple of hours to catch up, exchange information and to just have great adult talks among the moms. It's great to see the interactions between the babies. It's great to see Aidan's new friends: Charlotte, Aubrey, Clover, Brendan and Stella. We missed Owen, Eoghan and Charlotte this get together.

Minx hanged out with us for the afternoon, which is a switch from his constant begging to go in and out of the house. I'm not sure how many times I let him out a day, but it seems like a full time job. Hey! That's a thought....I can be a doorman for cats.

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