Sunday, January 29, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Jan 29 was Chinese New Year. We had a nice get together at Wallace's parents place. Everyone was over for dimsum to celebrate Chinese New Year. We're also going for dinner on Feb 4th.

Tyler and Aidan are so adorable and terribly amusing. There's a bit more interaction between the two and if you blink you might just miss this window of opportunity. For example, Tyler has this quickness about him because in a blink of an eye he can crawl from one end of the room to Aidan's side and kneel beside him with hands curiously aiming to caress little Aidan's face. Now you might think it cruel that I would just let Tyler, a thirteen month old, who still does not know his strength, go to Aidan with the possibility that he might land a big whack on the face or head. But I just seat there in amazement and watch how he approaches Aidan with this great big smile on his face and wanting to say hi to his little cousin. Aidan watches his approach and smiles back and giggles, thinking that how wonderful life is that another little guy wants to play with him.

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