Sunday, January 15, 2006

Little Fish

Swimming, swimming in the swimming pool. That's Aidan. He started swimming at the community centre near us. He's so adorable in his Hawaiin trunks. I think he is the youngest baby in the group and a natural swimmer. It must be instinctive for babies to start kicking because that's what Aidan did when I was guiding him around the pool. He is all business (Mr. Serious...concentrating too much) but I think he liked it because he didn't cry and would let out a smirk.

During the session, only one parent can go in the pool with the baby, so I went last Sunday and Wallace will be going in the pool with the little guy this coming Sunday. Wallace watched Aidan swimming from the pool gallery and saw how he was wiggling around the pool. From where he was, he said Aidan looked like a little speck in the pool - a little tad pole.

I wish I can include a photo for this entry but there's privacy law with bringing in cameras and videos to take photos at the pool because there are other parents and kids in the pool. We have to get permission from the community centre and parents. Too much hassle.

Can't wait to see him in the pool.

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