Thursday, January 05, 2006


I think I found a new babysitter for Aidan.....Minx.

Minx is a beautiful black cat who adopted us in October 2004. It's amazing how Wallace and I were thinking of getting a cat in the Summer of 2004 and along came this little black stray cat wondering the neighbourhood. At first I didn't want to pet Minx or take him in because I was afraid that Fiddler (aka Mr. Tibbs) another neighbourhood cat won't come around anymore. But with Wallace and Minx persistence, he won my heart that Fall.

When Aidan came along, I wasn't sure how Minx would react to Aidan. I think he was a bit scared of Aidan at first, because of the strange crying sound that came out of him. But soon he treated him like family. If you were a fly on the wall, you will occasionally see Minx joining Wallace, Aidan and I in bed snuggling together on a Weekend morning.

Whenever, Wallace and I are in the room feeding or rocking Aidan to sleep, you will see a black cat sneaking into Aidan's room to see what's going on and finally settles into his special place....under the rocking chair.

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