Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Rice Cereal Oh My!

Little Aidan went to the doctor for his 5 mo. shot. I got there on time (I know it surprised me too). Anyways, I was ready to sit down and wait for thirty minutes to an hour. To my surprise the nurse said to go in. Wow! I actually finished the appointment and walked home within 40mins. It surprised Wallace too, because when I called him, I told him I was home.

Little A. only received one needle! Hooray! I think he recognized Anita (the nurse), who gives him the needles because when she came in the room he started fussing. LOL!

I was going to start Little A on cereal but he's been having diarrhea and I decided to wait until his poo is better (I can't believe I'm talking about poo). But the doctor said it's okay to start him on cereal because rice cereal will actully help IT bind and bring the poo back to it's right consistency. (Gosh I hope you guys are not reading this while you're eating. )

Needless to say, when I got home, I gave him the cereal. The first try was a dicey one....I mean mixing the cereal properly. I think I tried three times to get it right.

Little A's first taste of the good food was an adventure for both mom and him. His face contorted and his expression said it all....what is this funny texture in my mouth....what is this round thing in my mouth......and what do I do with this glob of goo in my mouth??? After a few tries he took a few swallow of the rice cereal. The good thing is he didn't really spurt it out although it was beginning to look like he was . I'm not quite sure how much of the rice cereal was actually consumed. But that's for another day.

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