Monday, February 27, 2006

How lucky am I?

My friend C. asked me on Friday over coffee, which part of the Philippines I came from....I said in Manila (Luzon), which is north of Leyte where the devastation happened this month. Lucky for me, we don't have any relatives in Leyte but I remember watching the news that day and felt horrified to hear the people especially children that were buried in the mudslide.

I was also talking to my brother today about the latest news in the Philippines, how they had a state of emergency because one of the military officer was removed from his position....and a comrade urged the people of the Philippines to have a peaceful demonstration towards the Malacanang Palace (presidential residence). Needless, to say this brought back some memories during my childhood. I used to live in Arlegui where this street leads to the presidential residence. I remember numerous times where a rally or protesters would pass our apartment complex and we would be watching behind this huge gate to separate us from the protesters.

How lucky am I????? I have a wonderful family, friends; a cat; a beautiful house; a car; abundance of food; work, etc . In the past, I've taken all this for granted but since I've been on maternity leave....I've actually learned to appreciate my family; friends, Minx; house that shelter us from the cold and rain; convenience of a car; sunset; beaches......shall I go on.

Life is good!

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