Monday, February 27, 2006

Little A. loves his big toes, shoes and boots

Well, Little A. certainly loves his big toes, shoes and boots. It's quite hilarious. Everytime I change his diaper, it never fails he will go for his big toes. For a little guy...his toes is starting to get sweaty and cheesy. I have to put some baby powder on his cute little feet.

Everytime I go to my Lullabies and Laprhymes session, it never fails when I sit Aidan down and it has not only been a few second, does he bend down and suck on his Robeez Lion shoe. All the moms get a laugh at this sight.

And as far as Aidan is concern his boots is not really a foot wear but rather a pacifier or a teething toy. Actually that really goes for all his other "grown up toys" he sees in he living room, such as converters, telephones and Minx tail (okay he tries to suck on Minx tail....and that's where I draw the line).

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