Monday, February 27, 2006

Mozilla Firefox is the Word

Lately, I've been having a terrible time with the Big "Microsoft" product, specifically Internet Explorer. Some of the problems I've been encountering are 1) receiving numerous debug error when accessing Ebay and Lazarstudiowerx website....and a few other sites; and 2) I was using IE to access my blog and it was taking forever to load the blog and it timed out several times. So I finally loaded a software called Mozilla Firefox which is Netscape base.

It's the word.....

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C Lazar-Schuler said...

Been using Firefox and their email software Thunderbird for 3 months... I LOVE it! everything looks right, it's more secure and not nearly as much crap in the browser as IE.

You go techno-girl! I heartly agree sista that Firefox is da bomb!