Thursday, February 02, 2006

Rolly Poly

It's so exciting to see Aidan do things for the first time. Tonight, he rolled over from back to front. Where as before, he would only roll from front to back. His back and stomach strength is definitely improving. It's funny when it happens, it takes you by surprise. I always seem to do a double take and feel like I'm in a twilight zone thinking "did that really happen??" The reference materials don't joke around when they say that babies do things back to back, once they get the hang of it.

Today, I went to Chapters at Bayview Village. I was enjoying a cup of Cafe Latte and Aidan just finished his formula latte (LOL!) and minding our own business, when this guy passed our table and I noticed from the corner of my eyes, these figure stopped just pass Aidan's stroller. He was admiring little Aidan and unexpectedly he reached over and tweaked Little A's cheek. Then he said, sorry I just had to pinch his cheeks. I guess any other time, I would have been concerned but I found it cute that a guy would actually do that.

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Carmi said...

We need a new cheeks close up phot please!!