Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy Seven!

Seven months later, my Little A. is Mr. Personality, weighing more and just plain "nakakapangigil " (this is Tagalog for "you are soooo cute, I can squeeze you to death....figuratively speaking). I Love him to pieces.

It seems that things have somehow gotten easier, especially since I don't have to feed him every two hours. It's now stretched to four to five hours. We now have a little routine each day — we get up at the same time, eat breakfast, sponge bath or bath, play, go down for a nap, get up and have lunch, do an activity, go for a walk around the neighbourhood or park, more dinner and then it's time for Daddy to come home, and more sleep. The times of things change from day to day but the plan is roughly the same, and Aidan has settled into it. It's not as if this is cast in stone, it's more like I'm going with his flow and somehow it feels natural and good. Sometimes his routine goes a little off kilter when mom has to out and do some errands instead of walking around the neighbourhood or park.

We were supposed to go for dinner tonight w/o Little A., but we didn't have the heart to leave Aidan on his seven month b-day. So, we went to Il Fornello for dinner with Little A. to celebrate Aidan's seven month and a dinner out for Wallace and I. Aidan had his mush and enjoyed sitting on the highchair. He couldn't stop moving his head around to explore all the new noises, movements and new found objects that could possibly be his next victim of Aidan slime.

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