Friday, April 07, 2006

Babies Just Want To Have Fun!

Aidan and I were at our regular mom and baby get together. There were Brandon(our host), Charlotte (Charlie for short), Aubrey, Stella and Aidan. It's amazing how these babies have changed since the first time mom and babies met. They were all just having a ball, crawling around, chatting it up, sharing each other's toys and pacifier, huddling around the exersaucer and driving the jolly jumper.

Aidan and Aubrey were sizing each other up, touching each others face, hair, chatting it up and all of a sudden Aidan decided to put Aubrey's pacifier in his mouth with the clip trailing from Aubrey's outfit. Aubrey didn't seemed to mind and only cried when his mom and I both started laughing uncontrollably because of what just transpired.

Stella loves to shake her booty like Elvis' "I'm all shook up", hanging out with the gang around the exersaucer. Charlotte loved the Jolly Jumper and looks like she's driving a car. Brandon is very mellow just enjoying the company. It was a good day had by all.

I love seeing Aidan get together with his friends because that's when he starts to get motivated to do something the other babies do, such as crawling, tryng to stand up or lift himself up, Boy did he try pushing himself up to standing position in the crib Friday night. Needless to say, Wallace lowered the crib bed a notch.

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