Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Catch Me If You Can

Little guy has been venturing further and further from the living room and has now reached the kitchen. Albeit slow but he still makes a go at it.

Between Aidan and Minx, they've made a regular game of cat and mouse or tag around the living room and dining room area. But in this case, Minx is the mouse and Aidan is the cat that chases Minx around. I must say that Minx has taken a fancy to the game, since he intentionally passes in front of Aidan to start the cat and mouse game. Aidan will crawl eagerly after Minx with his top lip pursed over his bottom lip and letting out a small grunt. Minx will lie down in his fetal position long enough for Aidan touch him, then he gets up and moves a few feet away from him and starts the cycle over again. It's quite amusing to watch the two.

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