Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You Know That You're Not A Morning Person When

I've always known that I'm not a morning person, but today just proved it. My morning started out really nicely, I woke up earlier than usual so that Aidan and I can be at Donmill’s Library for 10:00am for the Babytime Storytimes program. That went really well actually, Aidan met new babies and had a great time listening to new stories and rhymes. I borrowed two board books at the end of the session and made my way to the car with Aidan in one arm, the two library books on the other, a backpack on one shoulder and my purse sling across me. As I was opening the car door, I decided to place the books on top of the car and kept a mental note, not to drive away with the books still on top. I fastened Aidan comfortably in the car and drove homeward bound, as I was about to turn left at lights at Donway and Lawrence I came to a realization that the books are still on top of the car (or on the road). Well, I carefully manoeuvred my left turn and saw at the corner of my eyes Nursery rhymes book. Oh shit!!! I immediately went to a mall parking lot, parked near Lawrence Avenue and locked the door. I spotted the book on the road flailing around and a TTC bus going towards it. All I can think about is how the hell am I going to explain this to the Librarian. Yikes!!! Anyway, after a minor heart attack, I retrieved the book intact, which surprisingly survived the bus and a busy road. However that still leaves me with one more missing book. So I got back into the car and retraced my “steps”….spotted the book on the road standing on its pages like an upside down “V”. Thank goodness, they’re both safe.

After all that I was thinking that I deserved a Tim Horton’s Large Double Double. Actually, I ended up ordering a sandwich meal combo. I ordered, paid, got my order and drove off. As I was driving on Don Mills, I glanced at the package and realized that the donut wasn’t in the package. Needless to say, I had to drive back to Timmy’s to retrieve the donut. This is the longest trek home for what’s supposed to be a 10-15 minute drive.

I reached home and drove into the driveway. I was expecting Minx (my skinny black cat) to come down the drive way which he usually does when he is outside. I found it peculiar that he didn’t come to greet me but I figured he is probably consumed with his other cat friends. As I opened the screened door, who did I find??? Minx!!! Yikes, he was between the screen door and door for approx an hour and fifteen minutes. It’s a good thing he’s skinny. But oh my goodness, the pampering I did for this little guy when we got into the house.

What a morning!!!

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