Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Grass is Green and It's a Scorcher Out There!

Today was a scorcher, but Aidan and I had a good day. We started off with Mr. Bear Says Hello at the Eastminster Church with Erica Jaeger. Although it was becoming a sauna in the meeting room where we were having the Mr. Bear Says Hello, Aidan still had a great time. He was happy that he can crawl around without having to be told "Aidan, No Touch". He bonded with Michael, Sienna and Griffin. After the program, Aidan and I went for a walk on Danforth to one of the kids' store for Aidan's hat.

The only saving grace of today's trek was the A/C on the CRV where we drove to the East York Civic Centre Farmer's Market. It was still too early in the year for all the vendors to come out to sell their goods, but there were still a handful of vendors. Although it was a scorcher out there with the temperature reaching approx. 36 celsius, Aidan and I found refuge under the shade. There was a heavenly breeze that blew while we enjoyed our lunch. Aidan didn't mind the grass, he was actually discovering it while he ran his fingers through it....and TORE A CHUNK OF IT (-:

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