Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fun in The Park

Well it was a busy day today. Lunch with my friends Sandra, Marg and their kids.....get together in the park with the mom's group and extraordinary women club meeting.

Aidan and his pals were just having a ball at the park today. We found a nice shaded area close to the swings and the babes were crawling all over the grass and blanketed area. Talk about free reign. Well almost....I feel like a sheepdog herding the cattles with Aidan crawling amock from the pack. Man is he fast.

Well, all the activities in the park certainly made Aidan hungry. He couldn't seem to wait for his milk and vegetable / chicken casserole dish, so he thought he would try some of Minx's Friskies Whitefish. As fast as his knees and hands could take him, he managed to get to Minx's food dish and scoop some of Minx's food while he was eating. It's a good think Minx is not a dog. With the catfood in hand, he got some on his lip and I just managed to stop him in time before he fully placed the handful of catfood in his mouth.

I need a drink!!!

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