Saturday, June 17, 2006

Movie Night Out

The night was planned for a movie night out with friends to watch Da Vinci Code. Aidan will be at the grandparents for the night. We arrived at the Wong residence and there's only my father-in-law and Popo (Wallace's Grandmother, Aidan's Great Grandmother...eighty something). I must admit that I was a bit surprised that my mother-in-law wasn't hom, apparently she had an event to go to. I was a bit apprehensive to leave Aidan with just the two of them because Aidan tends to be a little more clingy at night. But when I saw Wallace's dad with Aidan....he was more than happy to take care of Aidan. Besides he didn't seemed to be worried, so Wallace and I took off for the movies. I was kind of expecting to be called halfway through the movie to come home but no such calls came. The only calls that came through to Wallace were work related. We managed to watch the movie from beginning to end, without a call or making a call for that matter.

Aidan was sound asleep when we got my in-laws place. It seems that Mr. Aidan had a busy night as well....playing with grandpa, a stroll in the neighbourhood and helping grandpa water the lawn. Oh no! It's already starting.....teaching the ways of how to take care of a perfect lawn. LOL!

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