Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Treasure at Ten

It's funny how Elise and I were talking about how I'm not encouraging Aidan to climb the stairs. What did he do tonight? He started climbing the stairs and made it to three steps while Wallace stood behind him. I was scrambling for the video camera and when I finally got it setup, he stopped. It figures.

I usually try to make Aidan laugh by tickling him, playing the "I drop my hat....pick it up, pick it up" or play peek-a-boo. Well tonight, I wasn't even trying to make him laugh. I was trying to fold the new stroller we bought, a Maclaren Triumph - Jade Lime, when suddenly I heard this laugh. I looked up and realized that my little guy was laughing at me. I guess if you see a person doing the following action, you would think it hilarious, too. Picture this: I bend down halfway, reaching for the lever on the right side of the stroller and at the same time, lift my left foot, to lift the hinged backing of the stroller. As I'm doing this the stroller rolls away, so that you have to do the above steps over again. It looks like a chicken dance or something.

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