Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back from Vacation!

Wow, talk about taking a long vacation.....from my blog that is.

Lots to catch up. We left for Nova Scotia on June 25th and returned on July 3rd but I just couldn't get myself to logon and update my personal blog. It must have been all that fresh east coast air that I feel like I'm still on vacation.

We had a lovely stay in Nova Scotia doing a bit of the Sunset Trail, Cabot Trail, lighthouse Trail. We stayed in Truro (something you can totally skip); Pictou (lovely quaint town with an excellent Bed and Breakfast - Evening Sail); Baddeck (central place from the Cabot Trail; Fortress of Louisbourg - peek of the past); and Halifax (awesome Canada day; a busy harbourfront); Peggy's Cove (mesmirizing waves against the rocks, great day for rock hopping) and Lunenberg (cool, historical place but very short stop). It was Great food, people and scenery.

Aidan was a well-behaved baby on the plane to and fro. He napped the first leg of the trip and played peek-a-boo with passengers on the plane for the last leg of the trip. He was hilarious with the East Coast girls....very flirtatious (can I actually say that about my little guy).

He learned to clap and do the chinese bow during our trip. It was hilarious.

The last few weeks was a blur. The family came down with the cold where Aidan caught it and ended up with a high fever one night and runny nose for a couple of days. I'm just now getting over a cold, still coughing on occassion.

I had my annual Garage Sale on Saturday, July 29. It was a scorcher out there. I was sweating buckets non-stop from 7:30am-12:30pm. (I know too much information). I was selling a lot of my stuff that I put aside throughout the year and off loaded a lot of the rubberstamps for Jane.

The day ended off with a BBQ with friends and an engagement announcement from a friend of mine.

I can't believe Aidan is turning ONE soon. The invitation for his first birthday was sent out a few weeks ago. Hopefully, John, Armie and Michelle can make it to Toronto. It would be a nice family reunion.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Marisssa!

We missed you!!

Anonymous said...

I need to learn to spell...