Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Birthday Boy (First Year)!

Wow, I can't believe a year has passed since I've given birth to Aidan on Aug 9th @ 7:08am. I remember the feeling of extraordinary high (okay! that might have been the drugs working after a C-section) when Aidan was laid on my chest for the first time.

He's now ONE and getting into everything like a little boy should. I can't believe how he's grown, a lot of firsts (crawl; wave; tooth; sound). I love it!We started the day with a happy birthday song and he was jumping up and down and clapping. Of course, he probably doesnot have any idea that it's his birthday. But he certainly loves singing and music. It was a beautiful day and a funfilled one. We started off with a jog, with Aidan in tow in the Chariot jogger and me dragging myself (finally catching up with Wallace and Aidan 35 mins after at home). Aidan had a visitor (Grandpa and grandma) to greet the birthday boy and open his presents. We went for a swim at the splash park, Withrow Park and carefree swinging away. Aidan had his first year birthday chocolate cake (muffin) with chocolate ganache icing.

It was a good day had by all.Happy 1st Birthday Aidan (bear) Wong!

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