Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blog Block

Some people have writers' block....I have "Blog" block (or is it just plain slacking off).

To fill in the gaps for the last few months, here's Wallace's blog - http://bluezed28.blogspot.com/

My little guy had his First Birthday Party on August 12. We had families and friends over and lots to celebrate. I think the little guy had a great time and good spirit. I guess it helped that he had a nice long afternoon nap and got carried around.

At the party, I had guests take a guess on how many Cheerios are in the baby bottle. The lucky winner was Jessica Palazzo. She came the closest. There were 249 Cheerios.

Aidan loved the singing balloon that he received from Popo. It's Elmo singing Happy Birthday when you tap the balloon. It's a good thing that I didn't buy the Winnie the Pooh singing balloon or else there would have been a surround sound.

Aidan is now 24 lbs. and 29.5 inches. Anita the nurse said he is short for his weight. Is that another way of saying that he is overweight? Hmm.

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