Wednesday, September 13, 2006

100 Dream Life List

This is “To Do” list for my life. This encompasses many things I aspire to do in my lifetime and is a constant reminder to get off the couch!

Why don’t you make a life list? Below are some ideas. You don’t have to use any of them; they are just designed to get you thinking about what YOU really want to do. We only have one life, lets live it to the fullest!

I started this list in 1999 and totally forgot all about it. I was watching Ellen DeGeneres and she's doing a Life List which made me revisit mine. I'm going to work through my list and add to it, as I go.

  1. Buy a house. Done Deal
  2. Get Married. Dream come true
  3. Improve French. I was taking it before I went on Maternity leave but I've lost it again. Need to start over again.
  4. Visit my cousin (Angel) in California – I really miss her.
  5. Keep in touch with my brother and his family in NJ…..and Mike…..Chris, Wan and the kids.
  6. Learn Cantonese. I’m sure Aidan will be picking up a lot of Cantonese from his grandparents, so I want to be able to talk to him too.
  7. Improve on my Tagalog. I understand Tagalog and if you’re really patient with me, I can probably converse in Tagalog.
  8. Go on a Carribean Cruise.. Dream Cruise come true.
  9. Lose 30lbs from 157lbs. Lost it in 2004, but gave birth and gained it back). Need to lose the 30lbs again,
  10. Sell Cards / jewelleries / journals / starbooks. Doing shows.
  11. Setup a Business. Done - MDW Designs. Doing this part-time.
  12. To become a well-known instructor. Working on it.
  13. To get published in Rubberstampmadness; Somerset Studio. Haven't started
  14. Travel to Egypt (see the Pyramids)
  15. Travel to West Coast. Went to Vancouver, San Francisco...but would like to go back.
  16. Travel to Vancouver. Went three times (or was that four). Met a wonderful couple and two cats. My kind of crowd. LOL!
  17. Visit Philippines
  18. Visit Tofino, North Vancouver, BC
  19. Watercolour painting
  20. Have a couple of kids. Started in 2005. I had Aidan Henry.
  21. Create a Dark Room.
  22. Go to Europe (Paris, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice) w/ Wallace & Aidan
  23. Improve Sewing and start making pillows, curtains..etc.
  24. Learn to play an instrument
  25. Learn to play Tennis.
  26. Stay up all night with my husband and watch the sunset.
  27. See Nova Scotia. Went this summer 2006 with Aidan and Wallace.
  28. Return to East Coast (including Maine).
  29. Travel to Chicago.
  30. Go on a guilt free shopping spree. Yippee! This will happen if I win the lottery or a shopping spree contest.
  31. Run the Sporting Life 10km Run.
  32. Teach at the Creative Sewing Festival)I taught at the CSNF when Great Impressions rented a booth. Would love to teach again.
  33. Learn to properly do Calligraphy. Become really good at it just like Cherri Moote.
  34. Continue my growing collection of Sid Dickens tile.
  35. Learn to Belly Dance. I took classes in 1999 with my friend Sandra and liked it. Want to do it again.
  36. Own a red Mini Cooper.
  37. Teach something at the Continuing Education Night Course. Card Making or something.
  38. Get all my friends and familiies together for a picnic or to a cottage.
  39. Work on house renovation with Wallace – Next project the dungeon….err (basement)
  40. Start my Scrapbooks / photo albums. I received these two fabulous and intricate popup photo Albums from my friend Carmi. It would be a waste not to use it. But then I don’t want to ruin it. Yikes!
  41. Continue Exploring the World through my kids point of view.
  42. Use all my arts and crafts supplies; beads.
  43. Bring Mama’s ashes to Toronto to place her next to Papa.
  44. Collaborative Work with my fellow friends and artists.
Like I said, these are just ideas, designed to get you thinking. So start your life list today. Keep it in a visible place so it will remind you what you are working towards on a regular basis. Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

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