Sunday, September 24, 2006

Aidan (aka The Thriller, Frankenstein)

It's Alllliive! Aidan is now officially walking. Hooray! He started taking a couple of steps early this week; a few more steps on Saturday and walking across the room today.

His determination; persistency and excitement showed on his face, as he progressively increased his steps. The turning point is when Wallace brought home a Compaq Laptop box. The box was sitting on the floor in the bedroom and Aidan thought it would be nice to sit on it. Then he decided to get up and take a few steps (like a starting block). Well, he kept repeating this, as if it's a game. Each time he would take a few more step than before and return to the box. He looks like Frankenstein walking with his knees locked in place and hands stretched out to the front.

On Sunday night, he used bottom of the stairs, as the starting block by sitting on the bottom step. Thus, the new Thriller star emerges and it's a non-stop walkathon. Until he went to sleep that is.

The only thing I can't stand through out this process is the big thud he makes when he lands on all fours (knees and hands). That can't be good for his knees. Oh my baby!

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Andy J. S. Decepida said...

Yup, he's cute and did walk assisted like Frankenstein when he visited with us last (hear-hear says my aching back). But, you gotta walk before you run, right? That'll be the time when you're really in trouble.