Monday, September 11, 2006

It's my Birthday...

It's my birthday today and it was an eventful day.

It started really nice with a lunch with the in-laws and Wallace at Congee Queen. I received calls from families and friends wishing me a happy birthday. I decided to just stay home and relax, but the afternoon became a little more eventful than wanted. Aidan decided to climb the sofa and do a dive off the armrest hitting his forehead against the computer box seating on the floor beside the sofa. He landed on the floor with a big bump and a bruise on his forehead but he seems okay. But I decided to dash him to the walk-in clinic to make sure he’s okay. While waiting in the walk-in clinic he was walking his stroller around the waiting room, that’s when I realized that he’s okay. I stayed to see the doctor just the same, for the peace of mind. But seeing the doctor with his white coat and light on hand really set him off. Its funny Aidan started wailing but the doctor has not even touched him. It was a quick examination, the wait was longer. I think he still remembers his last visit with his doctor…..he had to be held down to have his ears examined and to get his needles in the arm. I guess he still remembered that incident. He's back to his old self....rambunctious, eating everything on sight and Mr. Smiley.

I'm also enjoying a new digital camera that my sweeties bought me. A Canon PowerShot SD 700 IS. I must admit I feel a bit spoiled because I really made a big deal about really wanting this particular digital camera because my friend Ana showed me the same one, which she received on her 40th birthday. It's an amazing camera - widescreen display, 28mm wide angle lense and really small and it fits on the palm of your hand.

To those who sent me e-cards and called me on my birthday. Thank you.

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