Thursday, September 21, 2006

One Day to go...and I Had a Good Cry

One Day to go before going back to work, I'm ready to go back physically. Mentally and physically was another story. I thought, great....I'll be able to leave Aidan with someone he knows and loves and we all trust. But I didn't realize that I would be the "weakest link" until this Wednesday at 11:45am when I was consoling Aidan after diaper change. He was crying uncontrollably because of either the diaper change, diaper rash or just being tired. When suddenly out of the blue, tears started rolling down my cheeks while I was rocking and humming to him.

I guess it suddently hit me that there will be no more comforting the little guy during the day (except for weekends); I'll be missing the new things he's going to be do for the first time and I'll be missing his smiles and his saying "Ah" to get my attention...or saying "This" while he points to the object of his desire.

While I was sobbing and making a sniffling sound, Aidan started giggling in his sleepy head state. He thought that I was mimicking him to make him laugh. If he only was the other way around.....he was consoling me.

I miss him already and I haven't gone back to work.

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