Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Two Amigos

Aidan and I were supposed to go to a play date with my mom's group and his little friends (Charlotte, Charlotte (aka. Charlie), Stella, Clover, Brandon and Aubrey) but we never made it. Aidan had a late nap and slept through until 3:30p and had visitors around the same time, his cousin Tyler.

Although Aidan missed the play date with his little friends, he had a chance to spend sometime with Tyler, which was an amazing thing in itself. Although Aidan was able to share his Winnie the Pooh chair and toys with Tyler, he drew the line with "Bunny-eared Bear" (this is his favourite stuffed animal). He saw me comforting Tyler with the bear and he took it away from me immediately. But all is well with the two amigos, Aidan was in a kissing mood and landed a few on Tyler's cheek while he was watching Baby Einstein.

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