Friday, October 06, 2006

Since I Went Back To Work, Aidan

  • Has grown attached to his grandparents and bonded with them.
  • Gives out those kisses, like it's going out of style.
  • Developed a sense of humour....when I ask for a kiss, he say aaah! He is like saying that "oh mom....not again" or "I will hold out on giving you a kiss and give everyone else a kiss"
  • Thinks the "farty noise" is he starts laughing.
  • Wrestles with Minx and it's still an on going event at the Wong household.
  • Walks in circles or around the table.
  • Loves to pull the door close instead of pushing it shut.
  • Kisses his bears before going to sleep.
  • Loves his books especially Chicka Chicka Boom Boom; The Big Red Bus Ride and the Sign Language Cards.
  • Loves to hear mom and dad read his books to him.
  • Loves to watch Blues Clues.
  • Loves "Five Little Monkeys" rhyme with the bean bags.
  • Loves his bath time and bath toy friends.
  • Shrills with excitement when he sees the slides, whether in the pool or in the park. He comes back for more....more and more.
  • Goes swimming on Sundays with his buddy Calem.
  • Goes to Babytime II with Grandma.
  • Can't get enough blueberries; bananas; rice cakes; cottage cheese fruit mix or cheerios.

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