Friday, November 10, 2006

Blues Clues

Blues Clues, Blues Clues.....

That's the song that's been going through my head for the last few weeks. Aidan loves Blues Clues. He will watch it, every chance he gets. If he wants to watch it, he pops-in the VHS tape, turns on the TV and waits for mom or dad to switch to Video tape.

It's amazing what you can do to him, when he is watching Blues Clues. Move him back and forth in the living room carpet (without a flinch); feed him (green beans); kiss him reaction or complaints. Talk about focus. (Not sure if that is good or bad).

Blues clues....blues clues.

1 comment:

Andy J. S. Decepida said...

I've seen that FOCUS... it's absolute entrancement. He just blocks out everything (well, almost).