Monday, November 27, 2006

Holly Jolly Holiday Sale 2006

The day was a blur, especially in the morning when I was driving through the fog. Very eerie. I did well at the sale, considering that traffic this year was not as busy as the last two years. I can't help notice that there are more and more local residence showing for the sale, which is really good.

Christina and Terry came in from Vancouver and was relieved that it wasn't raining. They got a reprieve from Vancouver rainy weather. It's really nice to see them and I had a chance to chat with them a little bit. I'm hoping to see them sometime this week for dinner.

Carmi, as usual did an excellent job at organizing the Holly Jolly Sale and organizing the vendors. It's exhausting but I really had a great time seeing the artwork and pieces from fellow artists. Thanks Carmi for setting up an event to allow us to showcase our work.

Holly Jolly is not complete without Aidan dropping in with Dad. Are you kidding, imagine how rowdy the crowd would be, if Wallace didn't show up with Wallace? Yikes, it could have been UGLY! He was very clingy when he saw me, but he warmed up to a few people and giving them a special kiss from the Kissing Bandit. Latest victims were Carmi, Christina, Sharon and my friend Ana. Notice how all of the victims are women. Hmm.

I crashed major time, when I got home. I think I put Aidan to sleep...or was that the other way around.

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