Saturday, November 04, 2006

Keely Barham Workshop

I had an amazing day today. I did a workshop with Keely Barham on Art Charm Bracelet at A Scrapbookers Dream store. I'm halfway done with the bracelet and attempted to work on it when I got home....but I was too tired.

We worked with Conso thread; acrylic tags; charms and beads...a bit of weaving. It was awesome. This is my other calling....if I ever have the time to do half the things I want to do; on top of everything else I want to do.

I wanted to the Fabric Box again but time didn't permit it. I started a fabric box, a couple of years ago when I took the course with Keely at Artwerx, Vancouver but haven't finished it.

Hope Keely comes back to Toronto or Bolton for another workshop.

Elizabeth, thanks for bringing her into the store.

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