Monday, November 13, 2006

Kitchen Office Shaping Up

Wallace has been diligently working on the kitchen workspace since the summer. Of course, he has been working on it, a few hours here and there after Aidan goes to sleep.

It's shaping up nicely, I'm really impressed with his workmanship. I give him a hardtime just to bug him...but he has really done a great job.

Aidan is expecting it closely and he gives his stamp of approval.

What's still missing? The black granite tiles (on order).

For the backsplash, he ordered subway tiles. At first, it was really hard to imagine how it would look on the wall, but once he had it up on the wall, it actually looks nice with the halogen lights.

I can actually see the bathroom tiles in the bathroom. The square tiles we currently have in the bathroom has got to go. Wall to wall of it for six years!!! It really looks sterile. That's one of the projects lined up....along with the converting the basement to a nice family room. It means finding room for my rubberstamp and craft supplies. Yikes! I better get cracking. Does anyone have empty boxes?

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Andy J. S. Decepida said...

Oh, oh! Someone is gearing up to be an UMPIRE (heh-heh).