Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tyler's 2nd Birthday

This cold really clouded my head. I totally forgot to mention that Tyler (Aidan's cousin) celebrated his 2nd birthday party last Saturday, Nov 11. There were lots of food; lots of cousins and lots of presents.

It was Grand Central station at my brother-in-law's place but it was very festive.

Aidan was on a kissing binge. I think I'm going to start calling him the Kissing Bandit. His victims for the night were Kaylee; Jayland; Tyler (the birthday boy); grandma; grandpa; Popo; Betty (birthday girl - her b-day was Nov 11) and Janey. If the other kids were standing still, I'm pretty sure, he would have planted a kiss on all of them.

Each time Aidan hangs out with Tyler, it just amazes me how they interact. This time around, they are both following each other around and occassionally shares toys.

It was deja vu that night......Aidan ran up to Warren and Betty thinking that it was his dad and mom. He ran up to them in two separate occassions, hugging their legs and realizing that they're not dad and mom when he lifts up his head. That reminded me of what happened to me when I was younger, when we were at the airport in the Philippines....I ran to one of my uncle thinking it was my dad and once I realized that it wasn't my dad, I started wailing.

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