Friday, November 24, 2006

Where has the day gone by?

I can't believe it's November 24. It's my brother John's Birthday today. I'll have to keep a mental note to call him tonight.

It was also my godmother's birthday yesterday....Nov 23. When their b-days come reminds me that Christmas is around the corner. Yikes.

It seems that everyone is going down to the States to do some shopping in what they call "Black Friday". Hmm. What am I doing up here when I could be doing some major shopping. LOL!

Oh yeah....I'm prepping for the Holly Jolly Holiday Sale for Nov 25th. That's also why my blog hasn't been updated.

One more day to go and it's the Holly Jolly sale. I can't wait to see Christina (a friend from Vancouver), she will also be at the HJHS to sell scrapbooking and rubberstamps from her line - Lazarstudiowerx.

The last few days have been exhausting for me. I've been working on the cards and Aidan has been waking up the last couple of nights. Not sure why. I wonder, if he is teething or just a bad dream. Hmm.

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