Sunday, December 03, 2006

22 Days 'Til Christmas - Get together of the Little Munchkins

On the 3rd day, as we count towards Christmas. Aidan went for his last swimming lesson. As usual, he had a ball....moving those little legs and wriggling like a fish. He loves the ball; row boat and slide. He doesn't particularly like the life vest.

Sign up is on Dec 9...better make a mental note to register for the Winter Session.

It's been awhile since I've met up with my Mom's group. Today was the first meeting since most of the moms returned to work. The Kissing Bandit struck again...latest victims were Clover; Aubrey and Charlotte.
  • Clover got body slammed against the wall / window (actually Clover kept backing up and Aidan kept moving forward....something was bound to stop the two moving).
  • Aubrey and Aidan was fighting control over a birthday balloon but they kissed and made up.
  • Charlotte was another unsuspecting victim.

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