Sunday, December 03, 2006

23 Days 'Til Christmas - The Dimsum; The Moss and The Extreme

Lots to do so little time to do it in. We went for lunch at Congee Queen with Wallace's family for Popo's birthday celebration. It's alway nice to get Aidan and Tyler together, but taking two kids to a restaurant is not the most ideal thing to do. They can only sit so much in the booster chair and they start going bazoork Aidan and Tyler sat beside each other and it's very interesting how they interact with each other. Although, they still do their own thing, once in awhile they surprise you and they actually acknowledge each other with a hug; a grub; a kiss and a steal. Aidan ended up absconding with Tyler's Leap Frog Singing Rhymes but Tyler let him play with it for awhile.

Checked out Extreme Fitness at Pape and Danforth. It had a 7.50 /month membership, no long term obligation advertisement. Too good to be true? You're darn right. It's 7.50 /month for 2 months and you pay $96.00 plus gst for the 10 months. I was looking for a gym closer to home but I belong to a gym where I pay $19.99 (including tax)/ month. I realized that I can't get that deal any other place. So guess what...I'll be making more of an effort to go to that gym.

My favourite shop in Danforth is The Moss - home furnishing and decoration. I usually like browsing to see what they have and drool. I went there after my visit at the Extreme Fitness. The store had some really great Christmas decorations and gift ideas. I'll take one of each.

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