Friday, December 22, 2006

3 Days 'til Christmas - Bah Humbug!

YOu would think I'd be jumping for joy during the last business day before Christmas. Well, it started that way, until one of my guys asked to meet with me. While I was walking to the conference room with him, I said to myself, this couldn't be good. I was right. He turned in his resignation and his last day is Jan 19 (technically his last day could have been Jan 5th but he was nice enough to extend it).

It's too bad that he is leaving because he is a really good guy and I wanted to see him advance in the company.

Aside from the SOX audit wasn't really a bad day. Considering it is the last day before Christmas and 4 days off from work. Hurray!!!!

I went to Fairview Mall to finish my Christmas shopping because there's no way I'm going to the Mall in the weekend. There were a lot of people but I managed to find the gifts and leave within an hour and a half. That's a record for me considering I could live in the mall.

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