Wednesday, December 20, 2006

5 Days 'Til Christmas - Dinner with the Gals

Today was all about eating. I was at Creekbank today and they had Potluck Lunch. We were invited by the Application team who were having the potluck. It was nice selection of food....but my favourite were the Spring Roll and Leche Flan.

I was looking forward to dinner at Milestones with the gals all day. Karen, Sharon and Carmi were there but E. was missing. Good food, good drinks with friends always makes for a great what I always say. The only thing that was awkward at dinner was the sofa bench we were sitting on. I guess after all these years......the cushions on the bench are getting softer, so I felt like kid seating on an adult size table.

Salute! (with my Belinni in hand!)

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