Monday, December 18, 2006

7 Days ' Til Christmas - Aidan's 15 Month Appt.

Took the day off today, to take Aidan to the doctor for his 15 Month appt. It didn't take long before Aidan started crying. At least he didn't start crying right away when he saw Anita the nurse. However, his mouth started to quiver and pout when I started undressing him and saw Anita looming in the corner. This is just to weigh and measure his height. Needless to say, it was real production to get his weight. He didn't want to go on the table scale. He started crying and had his leg wrapped around me. This went on for about 15 mins. with Anita and I trying to coax him every way possible (bribing him with cookies; toys; Anita leaving the room). We finally had to resort to weighing both me and Aidan...but then it took a third party to hold him after many tries.

That was just a start...he cried when Dr. Foster was examining him and he wailed when Anita gave him the needles. But the funny thing is when Dr. Foster and Anita leaves he waves goodbye to them. As well, as the few minutes that Dr. Foster and Anita were not in the room, he managed to wave to the kids outside the window playing outside the schoolyard that happens to behind the medical building.

We also got some eyedrop prescription for Pinkeye. Oh joy!

Anita suggested that Aidan brings Daddy to the next appointments. And I happily concur. He is a lot more suckier when I'm around.

I managed to do some Christmas shopping after dropping Aidan off to my in-laws and prescription for the eye drop.

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