Sunday, December 17, 2006

8 Days 'Til Christmas - Return of the Altered Book

For a year I joined a group of altered book artists in Toronto and we got together at Bolton to return the Altered Books to their owner.

This weekend was really crazy for everyone. Wallace was on call all weekend for the implementation from hell. I think his cell phone and earset were permanently attached to his ears all weekend.

As for me, I found myself all over town / out of town this weekend...ending up in Bolton Scrapbooking Store - A Scrapbookers' Dream. I left the house later than I had expected because I didn't want to leave Wallace with Aidan while he was still on conference. I drove to Susan Nardella's place thinking it was at her place. Luckily Elizabeth's Dad / Susan's husband was still at the driveway when I drove in.

When I finally reached the store, I was dumbfounded by what my fellow Altered Book Artists did on my Altered Book page, especially a page created by Sharon. It was a page about Aidan on fabric. It was awesome.

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