Saturday, December 16, 2006

9 Days 'Til Christmas - More Christmas Party

I fell asleep in Aidan's room last night until 4am and dragged myself to bed. But an hour later I was awaken by Wallace's cell. The only thing I can remember is he was complaining about one of the Filipino operator at Scotiabank trying to explain to him about a "box" "dash", but what he really wanted to say was "backslash" .

Needless to say, we all woke up late and I spent the day in my jogging pants and sweatshirt. I spent the day lounging in what was left of the morning; did some cleanup around the house and wrapped the gifts that had to go to the States (which by the way, I should have sent out a few weeks ago). Meanwhile Wallace was walking around the house with earphone attached to him practically all day. There was an implementation this weekend which entailed a lot of coordinating and conference calls.

I went to a Christmas Party that was hosted by Barb of Bizzy B and met most of her staff and instructors. It was a nice night out, lots of food, drinks and more food.

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