Sunday, December 03, 2006

We just got a new car.....we just got a new car...

Imagine singing "we just got a new car....we just got a new car..." on Blue's Clues Mail Time song. I know's hard to get a song out of your head, when your son is watching it everyday.

Anyways, I've been meaning to post a blog, that we got a new car....okay not we...Wallace did. His Camaro is not the greatest car to drive during the winter and it actually stopped on him in the Fall. So he decided to lease a car, especially since he will be shuttling Aidan to his parents' place everyday.

He signed a lease in October with Mazda for a dark grey Mazda 3 sedan with standard transmission. but he didn't get the car until two weeks ago. A ship load of cars went for a swim in the Aleution there was a delay in delivering the car. Needless to say, Wallace's phrase of the month was...."Excuse me, has anyone seen my car?

Great,I'll have a car to practice on, to learn how to drive a standard. Zoom....Zoooom.....Zoooom

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