Monday, January 01, 2007

It's a New Year!

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful day Jan 1st 2007! 10 degrees celsius, who could ask for a better day. We went to the Kew Beach park with Aidan and he had a grand adventure. Imagine Billy from Family Circus.

It started off with a walk in the park towards the ice rink where a mound of snow was sitting outside the rink. It was the main attraction for all the tots, pretty sad, as one of the mom's said that for a country that usually gets snow by this time of the year, all we have to show for is a man-made snow. It doesn't matter, the kids love it. They took turns walking on the mound of snow, including little Aidan.

Aidan trekked through the park occasionally stopping to turn back to the mound of snow; getting side tracked by dogs and scooters. Had to walk along side Aidan with the stroller, so that he didn't end up on the mud or wet grass.

Finally made it to the children's' playground, where he had a blast on the slide; climbed on the pirates' net; and took a liking to someone else's scooter.

Aidan wasn't the only one looking to play....Wallace had an Air Hog which he received for Christmas and took it for a spin. It wasn't too successful, as did a few spin dives and a big crash on the electrical post. Not sure whether it was windy or the operator (LOL!)

I've been thinking about my 2007 New Year's Resolution and I'm going to try harder this year to stick to it.
  1. Lose 20lbs.
  2. Eat better food than the last few months.
  3. Workout and swim on a regular basis. (Two or three times week)
  4. Cleanup my workshop, so I can actually use it for my art activities (instead of using the kitchen table).
  5. Manage and plan my time better (so that I'm not rushing or doing things the last minute (for work; home and arts)).
  6. Set up my eBay store and use the digital box Wallace gave me for Christmas.
  7. Re-learn how to sew and use my new sewing machine (another gift Wallace gave me). Am I spoiled or what?

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