Sunday, January 07, 2007

Little Tots Haircutting Place

Aidan had a haircut today at Little Tots Haircutting Place, but Wallace had to seat on the chair with him because he started crying. I had a feeling he was going to cry. However, a bit of bubbles and coaxing from all parties he was able to get a haircut.

YOu would think that he would want to leave as fast as his feet can take him out of the haircutting place, but that wasn't the case. He spotted balls...not one....not two... but tonnes. There's a room in the haircutting place where the kids can play with the balls. He was hypnotized by the balls and before you know it, he crawled and piled on top of the balls.

We all went to the school yard w/ a baseball diamond, off Queens St. East near the haircutting place, to try Wallace's Air Hog. Wallace befriended a boy named Hunter who was walking by the school yard and spotted him with the Air Hog going for a dive (LOL!). Hunter wanted to see the Air Hog fly but Wallace warned him that he will have to watch out because he wasn't too good with the controls yet and it might crash towards him. Hunter was real excited to see the Air Hog do a loop.

In the meantime, Aidan wasn't thrilled with the plane whizzing by close to he started crying a bit. It's funny because he would run towards the plane once it hits the ground but when it's on the air, he starts clinging to me for fear of the "whirring sound".

We stopped by Chapters at the Bayview Village and Aidan hanged out with the kids at the Thomas train table. He befriended a 7 or 8 year old girl, who was seating by the Thomas the Train table set, reading a book. He sat beside her and touched her hand. The girl acknowledged the act with a smile and a giggle.

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