Friday, January 05, 2007

Lunch with the Guys

The guys at Creekbank has been giving me grief about not seeing Aidan since he was three months, so I made arrangements to have lunch with them during my vacation, so that I can bring Aidan. It's really funny to see seven guys fussing over a little tot. We went to Starwalk Buffet (formerly Emperor's Buffet) and had a feast on sushi and Chinese food. Aidan had his fill of broccoli, beef and rice, as well as jello which Helry gave to him. He was really bonding with them and having a good ole time.

We went back to the office to change his diaper. And roamed around the office trying to pick up the girls (Ellenore and a new girl). He was walking up and down the hallway and actually ended up banging to the glass doors twice and bounced from the door to his butt. Everyone dashed to his aid but he just got up like a trooper and went about his business, chasing the girls. When he approached the glass door the third time, he actually stopped and extended his arm out, to indicate that he knows that the glass was there and he won't be fooled the third time.

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