Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've been tagged....

I've been tagged by Christina Lazar-Schuler (one of the person I worshipped the ground she walks on....LOL!)

Reveal 5 things little-known things about me...

  1. I was hooked on Charmed (with Alyssa Milano; Holly-Marie Combs and Rose McGowan). I got hooked on it during the 6th season (mid-way) and watched it religiously every Sunday when I can catch it on CTV. If I missed it, I would watch it on time-shift at midnight and 1am. Now that Charmed stopped production, I have all the DVD's from Season 1-6 (received some as gifts; and some I found on eBay for a great price). I've watched all the episodes from Season 1-5 and trying to find time to watch Season 6.
  2. I don't speak Tagalog (Philippine language), as often as I would like to, but when I'm tired I start speaking in Tagalog to Wallace who is Chinese-Canadian. Needless to say, I get a blank stare and a shrug.
  3. I broke my left leg in Grade 6, the day we went back to school from Christmas break. I had the cast for three months and got to stay inside during recess and lunch time with two other classmates (Teresinha and Teresa). To pass the time, we would take Teresinha's fruit (banana or apple) and start tossing it between Teresa and I. Needless to say, the fruit was pretty ripe by the time lunch came around.
  4. In 1994, I was renting a 1st floor apartment and my place was broken into. My mini stereo; VCR; perfume and some jeweleries (including my high school class ring) were stolen. To this day, my aunts don't know that this ever happened to me, I didn't want to make them worry more than they already do.
  5. I had chicken pox at the age of 23, when I went to Florida with my brother's family(from New Jersey) and my dad. I got it from my nephew Mike and in turn, gave it to my brother Andy.

So that's it, little known facts about me. I got tagged twice (by Christina and Cori), does that mean I have to do another set. Oh well. I'm going to tag Dani, Wallace and Marie.

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