Friday, March 02, 2007

The Last Templar

This is a book I borrowed from the library, I originally saw it displayed in bookstore and thought it would be interesting to read. It's along the lines of National Treasures but I found it really hard to read. I had it for six weeks and I've only read a quarter of the book.

I had to return the book, since someone else put it on hold. I've requested it again and will get it in three weeks.

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Andy said...

My experience with "The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud"... I gave up on it because of it being too formulaic and predictable. Also, it bothered me that the translation to English from Spanish is so stilted and too "provincial" in a few places. There were also some glaring historical errors such as how early Christians (1st century C.E.) greeted each other. The book (written by a Catholic Spaniard) claims they bless each other with a cross gesture to commemorate Jesus' crucifixion when early Christians didn't use or even venerate the Cross. Their symbol was the sign of the fish.