Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Bro's Birthday Celebration

Aidan, Wallace and I went over to my aunts' place to celebrate Andy's birthday. His birthday was the Ides of March. As usual, Aidan gets into his crying / shy mode when we arrive at my aunts. I guess we don't visit them as much as we that Aidan recognizes my aunts. He's okay with my brother Andy because he sees him more often than my aunts. It takes about 15 minutes for him to adjust and he acts like he owns the house.

I heard from my mother-in-law that Aidan did a front tumble last Friday. I wasn't surprise that he actually did it because he's been placing his head on the ground on what looks like he is going to do a headstand. Anyways, he was so excited to show off in front of my aunts, he was actually going to attempt to do the front tumble again at my aunts' place (hallway). Yikes, I think I have a little stuntman in the making.

Everyone had a great time. Aidan had his Toron (fried plaintain in sugar coated rice wrapper) and orange ice cream for dessert.

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