Wednesday, March 21, 2007

RAZR Went for a Swim

In the past, I've only heard of people dropping their pagers and cell phones in the "toilet bowl". I must admit, I've had a few misses with my pager and I've never really brought my phone in to the washroom with me...until yesterday. Low and behold, all I heard was "kerplunk"...a split second decision that made me fish the RAZR out of the bowl. Aaargh! was pre-pee....that's why I had the nerve to fish it out...otherwise...I would have said bye-bye.

Either was bye-bye to the phone. The Death March seems appropriate at this time.

My hubby gave me his phone temporarily, I was able to keep my cell phone # by swapping the SIM card.


june said...

yuckie...that has happened to me with pens...and id swipe cards.....

uncertainvoyage said...

Thanks for my laugh for the day. Really I'm laughing WITH you - not at you.