Friday, March 02, 2007


It was a very long drive home last night, it took me two half hours to get home, manuevering from street to street; finding alternate ways to get home. The DVP certainly lived up to its name (Don Valley Parkway (aka...parking lot); Don Mills was at a standstill.

Couldn't leave early last night because my boss and a colleague were in town for a meet and greet with the team. We've been trying to schedule this meeting since Feb 15 but because of the weather and computer virus outbreak, it kept getting rescheduled. My boss was planning to leave for Jamaica (from T.O.) Friday at noon and my colleague didn't make it out until Friday, as well. I just hope they both made it to their destination.

I worked from home today and as usual I ended working more hours than if I had come in to work. Aaargh! Well the good thing about that it's all in the comfort of my home.

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